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Rules are Good

A poet's use of language is best when it is lawful. Whether it is a fender bender or worse, an accident that occurs from willfully breaking cooperative strategies of communication are unnecessary. Confusing simple laws that facilitate cooperation with the foolishness of a clueless driver is a poetic fallacy.

Urban Law
by Alison Hawthorne Deming from Genius Loci. © Penguin Poets.
[in Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac today]
Rush hour and the urban outflow pours
across the Million Dollar Bridge. I wait
for the walk-light, cross-traffic slight but
caution's the rule when the city roars
toward all its separate homes. I get
the sign, little electric man, and step
into the street. A woman turns into
my lane, bearing down, eye-contact,
and still she guns it until I stare and
shake my head in disbelief at her
ferocity. She slows begrudged to let
me pass, runs down the window of her Saab
and shouts, "Why don't you wait for the light?"
and flips me the bird. I feel weepy like
a punished child, mind sinking to lament,
What's wrong with the human race? Too many
of us, too crowded, too greedy for space—
we're doomed, of course, so I head for coffee
and a muffin, walking sad and slow on
the return. I'm waiting again to cross,
picking fingersful of muffin from the
paper sack and watching the phalanx of
cars race by, not even a cell of a
thought in my mind that I might jump the change,
when a man who's got the green stops,
an executive wearing a crisp white
shirt and shiny red tie, and he raises
his palm to gesture me safely across,
making all the cars behind him wait while
I walk, and together at rush hour that
man and I redeem the whole human race.

To which I reply:

Rules of the Road
I want to just watch bumpers
and not look for impatient eyes
and the dammit handwave
insisting I turn before them
when they could drive on through.
In my paradise
I would never need to say thankyou
for making the easy complex and dangerous.

Sorry, but I do not accept that we are (I am) redeemed by Ms. Deming.
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