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flying notebooks
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this is a community for writers & readers of poetry. discuss poems/poets, analyze poetry, tell about events in your area, and also... post your own poetry for sharing and/or critique!

i don't want this community to end up like all the other poetry communties on lj... i don't want poetry you didn't really put much thought into being posted. please only post work that you truly care about and truly means something to you.

please be respectful of all the members in this community. no trash talking. don't leave comments like "your poem is so cliche!" that doesn't help annnnnyone. please be thoughtful & helpful so we can all work together in making our poetry better.

everyone who joins should try to make a post at least once a month so we can keep this place active. i won't delete you or anything if you don't, but it would be cool if we could all write something at least monthy if not more! if someone posts a poem & you have time to read it, it would be rad if you commented. as the moderator i will try & comment as much as humanly possible. one of the common themes in lj poetry communties is no comments only posts...soo annoying! people post poems & want to hear your reaction. i will come up with some tips for giving honest feedback in a positive way ASAP. also, send along your tips & suggestions & i will add it to the list.

okay, if i didn't sound to bitchy for you (i swear i'm really not a snot) then please, please, join & lets do this thang! xoxo