[★] Hannah Ax Wound [★] (jethrablack) wrote in flyingnotebooks,
[★] Hannah Ax Wound [★]

virgin popping post

i don't have anything ready to post this moment but i wanted to just make a first post to say hi to everyone!
i am not going to go crazy with ad's for this community because i want to keep this small so real things can happen. however if you have a poetry writing or reading friend make them join us=)

the name of this community "flying notebooks" comes from a line in a Billy Collins poem. I am so into his work right now. My mom just got me The Trouble With Poetry... I recommend reccomend it! I will write more about it later when I make a "real" post.

Also- I am going to work on the user info page some more this evening.

*****If you have a poet or something you really want me to include in the interests lemme know! *****
***** if you have any suggestions for giving constructive criticism or a link to share on the subject lemme know! *****
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