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flying notebooks' Journal

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

6:59PM - "Little Promises"

My translation of Rachel Eshed's book of poems is now featured on my publisher's website:

In its Hebrew original, this collection of intense erotic poetry won the 1992 AKUM prize in Israel. Novelist Tsipi Keller says, "It is hard to speak of Rachel Eshed’s poetry without mentioning 'fire' – her poems virtually burn on the page, and David Cooper’s renditions not only do justice to the original but magnify its richness."

Saturday, February 4, 2006

8:59PM - Winter Solstice by Ellen Bass

I love Ellen Bass' poetry. So simple - so seemingly effortless and so transcendently beautiful.

Winter Solstice by Ellen Bass
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Thursday, January 26, 2006

1:33PM - A Sijo


I hear the summers wind blowing through my open window shade
I would do most anything to be able to dance close with the stars
Therefore, I keep telling myself this dream could become true

Current mood: dorky

Sunday, January 15, 2006

3:25PM - 1st post

hi! ok i kept meaning to post something and then i got busy with school and such and didn't get around to doing it...so here it is... this is a piece that i wrote as a rant about the homogonization of the lgbt community and the way the "gay rights" have become synonomous with fights that only affect specific and extremly privlidged members of the community. it's a piece that appeared in a zine i put out a few months ago called too queer

do you remember when homo didn’t mean homogonous?
do you remember when our community ment something?
when we cared about each other
our lives were a struggle for revolution
not a market for corporate sponsorship
i want us to get our community back
start fighting for what it means to really be queer
to stop spending our time arguing
about tax cuts and marriage certificates,
selling our souls for assimilationist goals

and just this week
the city of new york
gave sylvia revera the corner of a street
where they don’t let our people sit
the american dream is a lie

out lives are not protected or validated
i hold my breath every time i see a cop
i am a walking crime
the mismatching of my gender
the way i’m fucked
makes me a target

my body is criminal
and what is our community doing?
sponsoring pride parades
where the theme is everyday people
and i don’t even know what the fuck that means
i don’t know any queer people
who could be considered
or lumped into
that run of the mill
everyday sort
most of the queer people i know
are still struggling to get by
working crappy minimum wage jobs
if they are lucky enough to find a job at all
and suffereing at the hands of the medical establishment
we are up against a government
funded and controled by a church
whose lies are aimed at destroying our lives
we have christian soldiers legislating
to have gay people wear “warning labels”
like cigaretts and alcohol
will it matter if we can marry
when we’re labeled as toxic and hazerdous
and what’s wrong with the idea of us recurting
at the rate we’re dying we need as much help as we can get
we need to be educating the next generation of revolutionaries
our deaths have never dipped below epidemic proportions
but you don’t saee anyone raising their fists in anger
except those of us
whose names and bodies already appear on the hit lists
the community comes together to wage legal battles of legislation
about how nice it is that they’re all rich and white
nd don’t worry as long as you don’t ask they’ll never tell
what goes on in their bedroom
not like those queers in the street
who aren’t really like them
kids on their own
who stop the pain
with lines
which build ropes
to hang their pain
in the closets
they couldn’t stay in until graduation

Monday, January 2, 2006

12:10PM - Rules are Good

A poet's use of language is best when it is lawful. Whether it is a fender bender or worse, an accident that occurs from willfully breaking cooperative strategies of communication are unnecessary. Confusing simple laws that facilitate cooperation with the foolishness of a clueless driver is a poetic fallacy.

Urban Law
by Alison Hawthorne Deming from Genius Loci. © Penguin Poets.
[in Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac today]
Rush hour and the urban outflow pours
across the Million Dollar Bridge. I wait
for the walk-light, cross-traffic slight but
caution's the rule when the city roars
toward all its separate homes. I get
the sign, little electric man, and step
into the street. A woman turns into
my lane, bearing down, eye-contact,
and still she guns it until I stare and
shake my head in disbelief at her
ferocity. She slows begrudged to let
me pass, runs down the window of her Saab
and shouts, "Why don't you wait for the light?"
and flips me the bird. I feel weepy like
a punished child, mind sinking to lament,
What's wrong with the human race? Too many
of us, too crowded, too greedy for space—
we're doomed, of course, so I head for coffee
and a muffin, walking sad and slow on
the return. I'm waiting again to cross,
picking fingersful of muffin from the
paper sack and watching the phalanx of
cars race by, not even a cell of a
thought in my mind that I might jump the change,
when a man who's got the green stops,
an executive wearing a crisp white
shirt and shiny red tie, and he raises
his palm to gesture me safely across,
making all the cars behind him wait while
I walk, and together at rush hour that
man and I redeem the whole human race.

To which I reply:

Rules of the Road
I want to just watch bumpers
and not look for impatient eyes
and the dammit handwave
insisting I turn before them
when they could drive on through.
In my paradise
I would never need to say thankyou
for making the easy complex and dangerous.

Sorry, but I do not accept that we are (I am) redeemed by Ms. Deming.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

4:58PM - virgin popping post

i don't have anything ready to post this moment but i wanted to just make a first post to say hi to everyone!
i am not going to go crazy with ad's for this community because i want to keep this small so real things can happen. however if you have a poetry writing or reading friend make them join us=)

the name of this community "flying notebooks" comes from a line in a Billy Collins poem. I am so into his work right now. My mom just got me The Trouble With Poetry... I recommend reccomend it! I will write more about it later when I make a "real" post.

Also- I am going to work on the user info page some more this evening.

*****If you have a poet or something you really want me to include in the interests lemme know! *****
***** if you have any suggestions for giving constructive criticism or a link to share on the subject lemme know! *****